Remind Your Sweetie to Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the season of love and giving gifts. Every February 14, Americans spend almost $20 million on chocolates, stuffed animals, flowers, massages, and jewelry for our sweethearts. Take a look at just how much cash Americans are spending to prove their love to their special “someone”:

  • $52.2 million on flowers
  • $50 million on jewelry
  • $38.3 million on specialty gifts
  • $7.2 million on movies
  • $7.1 million on restaurants
  • $1.2 million on salons and spas (Source: Business to Community)

While that diamond necklace may make her feel like a princess or that filet mignon dinner may be best steak he’s ever tasted, we can all experience a type of let-down after Valentine’s Day. Before every holiday, there is an anticipation of gifts and experiences that creates an excitement that can be very transitory and fleeting. After the day is over, it’s not uncommon to catch a case of the post-Valentine’s Day blues.

The good news is that there is a gift that you can give your darling for Valentine’s Day 2016 that is anything but fleeting. A comprehensive eye exam will give your loved one the gift of preserved vision, which is the most important gift of all. This exam will ensure that your Valentine can see you and all their friends and family with clarity, and no floral arrangement or watch can compare with that.

Make an appointment today for a comprehensive eye exam for the ones who are dearest to your heart. A full eye examination can diagnose refractive errors, focusing problems, eye diseases, and other diseases like hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol. If you have not found a licensed ophthalmologist near your home, use our physician locator tool to find an eye care specialist who will give your eyes some special TLC this Valentine’s Day!

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