Easy Makeup Application and Care Tips to Protect Your Vision

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her smoky eyeshadow. Anne Hathaway is famous for her thin, penciled brows. Zooey Deschanel is dazzling with her thick, full eyelashes. Our eyes are our most expressive feature, and most women admit that they spend more time on enhancing their eyes more than their lips and cheeks. However, it is easy to neglect proper eye care when applying makeup.

Here are some guidelines for beautiful eyes without sacrificing your vision.

  1. Wash those hands. If in doubt, wash your hands. Even if it’s only been a few minutes since you last washed, clean your hands with warm water and soap before touching the delicate tissues around your eyes.
  2. Keep eye cosmetics on the outside of your eye. Never use eyeliner on the inner eyelid, where makeup can get inside your eye.
  3. Avoid eye makeup that is iridescent, glittery or shiny. Any ingredient that makes eye makeup glisten is likely abrasive and could scratch or irritate your eyes.
  4. Never use a sharp object to separate eyelashes. Don’t you hate it when your mascara makes your eyelashes clump together? Clumping eyelashes often means you need to replace your mascara, so a new tube could be the easiest solution. However, use caution when trying to separate eyelashes, and use a safe instrument.
  5. Only use your own makeup. Allowing someone to use your eye makeup could contaminate your makeup with bacteria.
  6. Replace makeup after an eye infection. You should replace your eye makeup every few months, but discard it immediately if you have had pink eye (conjunctivitis), a corneal infection or another virus. Eye makeup and applicators are the worst culprits for relapse of infection!
  7. Do not use water or saliva to thin out old makeup. If the texture of your makeup has changed or thickened, throw it away. Adding saliva or water could introduce bacteria into your make-up and cause eye infection.
  8. Keep eye pencils freshly sharpened. Get in the habit of sharpening eye pencils every time you use them. A blunt eye pencil can scratch your eye and cause infection.
  9. Never apply makeup in the car. Running late for work? Avoid the temptation to apply makeup at stoplights or on public transportation. A sudden stop could mean eye injury.
  10. Never mix old with new. Throw away all applicators and brushes from your old makeup supply when you buy new makeup. Bacteria can flourish on old applicators, so keep your new makeup fresh by using a new applicator.

Following these eye makeup safety tips will help you look as glamorous as a celebrity while still keeping your vision clear and healthy. Don’t take risks when it comes to your vision!

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